For most of the following Nightline programs, Jay worked as a one-person crew–reporter/ producer/ cameraman/ soundman–using inexpensive department store Hi-8 or DV cameras in the 1990s.

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Carmen’s Story: Home and Homeless

Carmen revisits the streets she lived on and reflects on the importance of home and what it means to live without it.

Castaways: The Boys of Penikese Island

Two half-hour specials chronicling six months in the lives of three juvenile offenders who were sent to the Penikese Island School off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Safe Haven: The Women of Emerson House

The lives of four women at Emerson House, a residential alcohol and drug treatment facility housed in a Victorian mansion on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Marie At Fifteen

By the age of 13, Marie had carried guns, run with gangs, been a pregnant, and addicted to crack cocaine. After almost a year in rehab, she is ready to go home.

Castellucci Stone: A Family Business

The Castellucci’s are used to being out where where the stone is quarried and cut, but they find themselves in buildings made from their stone, with bankers and lawyers, and the future of their company on the table.