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PBS: People start revealing things when they ‘feel that you really care’

Telling a person’s story is not unlike being a biologist, says Jay Allison. “You go out in the world and encounter actual life and you collect it…and you bring it back and you study it and then you figure out how to present it,” he says. Allison, an independent journalist who produces the Moth Radio Hour.

The Moth: Tell Me a Story!
The Moth Radio Hour

Featured in ODEWIRE:
How storytelling feeds our craving for connection and social change.

Jay’s 2012 PRPD benediction
Jay at 2012 PRPD

Featured in CURRENT:
“If we can imagine it, why don’t we do it?”

Following the Heard

“How Jay Allison went searching for sound and inspired a radio revolution”

URBAN TACTICS; The Sound of the Fury
Sonic Memorial

By JILL EISENSTADT The New York Times – The twin towers came down silently. Or so it appeared on television. (04/07/2002)

Bringing in Public Radio, and Bringing People Together

by Valerie Gladstone The New York Times – “Public radio was just inventing itself,” Mr. Allison said, and in a sense so was he.

A Fascination with Sound

The Trinity College publication Mosaic in March, 2001.

The Interview: by John Koch
Jay Allison

The Boston Globe Magazine (03/2000)