Life Stories: First Person Portraits

They are stories about the ways we live our lives, the things we believe in, where we find our poetry.

Animals and Other Stories

This radio series is a collection of a short pieces reflecting on life, love and death among the species.

Jungles of Memory

The story of one Vietnam veteran, writer James P. McMullen. McMullen lives in the Everglades, and devotes his time to tracking and protecting the endangered Florida Panther. He uses this mission as a way to make peace with his memories of the war.

Lost & Found Sound

A series of richly layered stories that traced the soundtrack of the 20th century. Lost and Found Sound chronicles, reflects upon, and celebrates the human experience in rare recordings and sonic snapshots.

Down for the Neighborhood: Street Gangs in East Los Angeles

Gang members, police, convicted murderers, mothers, social workers, reformed gang fighters, and general street life–day and night.


The Myth of the American Cowboy. Interviews with cowboys, children, historians, gunslingers, Wyatt Earp impersonators, rodeo riders, old-timers, poets, singers, and Gene Autry.

Breakdown and Back

A series of three half-hours on one woman’s experience of a nervous breakdown. It blends reality and fantasy–her poetry and music, real and imagined scenes, and interviews with her family and friends.

Living in the Arts

A series of short meditations and collages on what it means to try to be an artist in America. Broadcast on NPR’s All Things Considered.

Faces, Mirrors, Masks: 20th Century Latin American Fiction

Two programs from the 13 part documentary series on authors Juan Rulfo and Jose Maria Arguedas. Featuring the voices of Edward James Olmos, Hector Elizondo, and others.

New York City: 24 Hours in Public Places

A sonic day in the life of New York, produced with more than a dozen radio producers living in NYC.