The Basics of Radio Interviews

From Transom.org – Consider taking on the role of Citizen Storyteller, and working on a grassroots level to make public radio more truly “public.”

National Public Radio

NPR is, well… NPR.

Corporation for Public Broadcasting

CPB is the financial heart of public broadcasting. This site provides links to most of the stations and organizations around the U.S.

Hearing Voices

A mini-museum of radio artistry.

Association of Independents In Radio

AIR is the only national organization for service and advocacy to public radio producers nationwide. Check this website not only for info on AIR, but for links to the works and websites of independent producers nationwide.


The Whole Earth `Lectronic Link is a commercial computer conferencing system with a history that has traveled near the leading edge of electronic culture.

This American Life

The most adventurous national program on public radio. Find it and listen to it.

“The Award Winning Radio Productions of Jay Allison”
Jay's Award Winning Radio

Illustration by David Greenberger.