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PBS: People start revealing things when they ‘feel that you really care’

Telling a person’s story is not unlike being a biologist, says Jay Allison. “You go out in the world and encounter actual life and you collect it…and you bring it back and you study it and then you figure out how to present it,” he says. Allison, an independent journalist who produces the Moth Radio Hour.

Great American Jays
American Jays

Jay’s in the Wild. Illustration remix by Bianca Giaever

Creative Life
Creative Life

Creative Life offers an audio tour of arts, culture, and inspiration on the Cape and Islands. Our region is rich with creative diversity, and so are the stories we tell.

The Sonic IDs
Sonic IDs

Short portraits and stories that weave the broadcast day of WCAI with the voices, sounds and stories of our region.

One Species at a Time
One Species at a Time

Lend an ear and discover the wonders of nature—right outside your back door and halfway around the world.

Local Food Report
Local Food Report

The Local Food Report, with Elspeth Hay, is constantly exploring the Cape, Islands, the south Coast and all our farmer’s markets to find out what’s good, what’s growing, and what to do with it.

Transom Podcast
Transom is an experiment in channeling new work and voices to public radio through the internet, and for discussing that work, and encouraging more. Our podcast offers some tasty little audio morsels to go.

The Basics of Radio Interviews

From – Consider taking on the role of Citizen Storyteller, and working on a grassroots level to make public radio more truly “public.”

Walking Across America: Advice for a Young Man
Walking Across America

Andrew didn’t intend to make a radio story–he just wanted to listen to people. Listen at…

The Moth Radio Hour
The Moth Radio Hour

The Moth Radio Hour features true stories told live on stage without scripts, notes, props, or accompaniment.

National Public Radio

NPR is, well… NPR.

Corporation for Public Broadcasting

CPB is the financial heart of public broadcasting. This site provides links to most of the stations and organizations around the U.S.

Hearing Voices

A mini-museum of radio artistry.

Association of Independents In Radio

AIR is the only national organization for service and advocacy to public radio producers nationwide. Check this website not only for info on AIR, but for links to the works and websites of independent producers nationwide.


The Whole Earth `Lectronic Link is a commercial computer conferencing system with a history that has traveled near the leading edge of electronic culture.

This American Life

The most adventurous national program on public radio. Find it and listen to it.

Public Radio Exchange

Jay is the originator and co-founder of the Public Radio Exchange (PRX), an online service for peer-review and digital distribution of public radio programming, creating a web-based bridge between producers and stations.

In 2001, Jay and Atlantic Public Media launched – An Internet showcase & workshop for new stories and voices for public radio. Transom is the first stand-alone website ever to receive the Peabody Award for broadcasting.

Jay’s Assorted Solo-Crew Video Shooting Tips

These are notes I made for myself, based on experience shooting “NIGHTLINE” specials with small format video cameras. Remember, I come from radio, so I’m an imposter here.

“The Award Winning Radio Productions of Jay Allison”
Jay's Award Winning Radio

Illustration by David Greenberger.

The Moth: Tell Me a Story!
The Moth Radio Hour

Featured in ODEWIRE:
How storytelling feeds our craving for connection and social change.

Jay’s 2012 PRPD benediction
Jay at 2012 PRPD

Featured in CURRENT:
“If we can imagine it, why don’t we do it?”

Stories from the Heart of the Land
Stories from the Heart of the Land

A six-part series featuring intimate stories from around the world about the human connection to land and landscape.


In addition to his work for broadcast, Jay is the producer, originator, and/or host of several podcasts available on the worldwide web.

Following the Heard

“How Jay Allison went searching for sound and inspired a radio revolution”

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